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IISE Officer Candidates

Below are the candidates for the 2021-2022 IISE Officer Board. The link for the ballot is at the bottom of this page.

Blair Sibley



Sibley - Blair Sibss..jpg

Hey guys! My name is Blair and I have served on the IISE Board for three years now. I am a junior in IE and served as Freshman Representative. I then went on to hold the position of Secretary for two years. I am really proud of everything IISE offers to Industrial Engineering students at LSU and would love the opportunity to offer more as President!

Anna Keegan

Vice President


IMG_1307 - Anna Keegan.JPG.jpg

Hi everyone! I am a junior in IE and have been a part of IISE since my freshman year. I am organized, hardworking, and genuinely interested in leading IISE and its members to do great things. I've held various leadership roles in my sorority, such as recruitment technology chair and serving on the philanthropy committee. Blair, the candidate for IISE president, and I currently work together at the LSU Foundation. We have months of experience working together, so I know we would make a great pair to serve on the IISE executive board. I will make serving as vice president my priority to ensure every member has as great of an experience as I've had.

Josh Broomfield

Vice President


IMG_0310 - Joshua Broomfield.jpeg

I've spent a few years involved with the club now and I'd love the opportunity to contribute as an IISE officer. During my experience with the club I've gained familiarity with LSU IISE, and how the club operates. This in addition to my leadership experience in some other orgs at LSU can help guide me as an IISE officer. I appreciate LSU IISE a lot and would be happy to give back to the club and I hope to get your vote!

Jordan Hanley

Vice President



I know. I know all the things.

Tim Firmin



The Man Himself - Timothy Firmin.jpg

I am an engaged member of IISE who wants to use his skills to help grow a strong community of Industrial Engineers at LSU. As a treasurer, I hope to help manage finances and help in the organizing of events as efficiently as possible given proper budgeting.

Lauren Bergeron



Prom photo - Lauren Bergeron.jpg

I currently hold a leadership position at another club in the College of Engineering as Vice President, where I: coordinate with LSU, plan events, make reservations, communicate with sponsors, record meetings, work with finances, make social media posts, and much more. I am interested in a position with IISE because after switching from ME to IE, being more involved in this club rather than the ME-centered club would be better for my career!

Jaden Sharp



Jaden Sharp - Application Photo - Jaden

This past semester, I served on the IISE Board as Freshman Representative, responsible for advertising meetings and events to underclassmen to increase involvement. I have also aided in planning an IISE Buddies Event that will occur in early April and attended the officer meetings. Additionally, I was secretary for my high school's chapter of National Honor Society with 100+ members. I am extremely organized and would work diligently to make sure that attendance is reported to professors, the schedule is up to date, and the roster stays current. I am passionate about leadership and helping others, and I would be honored to serve as IISE Secretary if given the opportunity!

Logan West



headshot - Logan West.jpg

I am a very organized and motivated person. If I was elected as secretary, I would ensure efficiency and organization within the club. Also, I am reliable and easy to communicate with. My passion for IE would allow me to be the best at my position.

Bryon Bourgeois




I am very organized throughout my daily life, and I will be able to effectively keep track of meeting minutes, attendance, and schedule. I will keep a clear and updated roster of current IISE members, as well as proactively contact any teachers that allow extra credit for IISE meeting attendance.

Alexandra Scardina

Public Relations


IMG_7614 - Alexandra Sc.JPG.jpg

Hi, my name is Alexandra Scardina. I would like to continue building our program through means of social media (and website) and continue to effectively communicate and advocate for the members of IISE.

Henry Koke

Public Relations


headshot - Henry Koke.jpg

I am a great communicator. I do well in front of people, and like to be the spokesperson. I do well in leadership positions in general, and am striving to be a bigger part of IE as a whole.

Landon Richard

Conference Director


thumbnail_IMG_2579 - Landon Landon.jpg

I am good at planning out events and will take responsibility to make the conference as fun as possible. I will also try to have everything worked out ahead of time so that the conference is efficient and enjoyable for all participants.

Ella Barhorst

Programming Director


IMG_4029h - Ella Barhorst.jpg

I have been involved with IISE since becoming an Industrial Engineering major, and I am passionate about this club and the people involved. I enjoy working together with others to plan and organize events. I am enthusiastic about getting others involved and making new connections with people. I am excited to see what I can bring to IISE in the upcoming year!

Ryan Boudreaux

Programming Director



I believe I will be able to bring the members of IISE together and have very successful and informative meetings with quality companies. I have been in the club since I first walked on to campus and am looking forward to being more than a general member.

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