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Industry Advisory Council

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Brandon Hoff

Director - North America Land Completions and Well Intervention

Dr. Anthony Banks

Fellow and Principle Human Factors Design Engineer

Maryam Amin

Principle Business Process Architect

Dr. Eileen Hoff

Region Human Factors Lead, Americas - Shell

Ryan Cojoe

Director - Opportune LLP

Freepoint Commodities.png
Patrick Guillot

Crude Oil Trader​​

Virtual Panel Discussion 

with Q&A

Wednesday November 18th at 6:00pm

Zoom Link:

On Wednesday November 18th, the Industrial Engineering Industry Advisory Council (IE IAC) will be providing a panel discussion to the IISE chapter. The panel consists of many extraordinary industry professionals, many of whom graduated from the IE program at LSU. 

They will briefly introduce themselves and how Industrial Engineering has shaped their careers from graduation to today. The remainder of the meeting they will be available to answer questions from students.

This meeting is useful for professional development by showing you (as a student) carrier paths that an IE can travel. This type of meeting only happens once per semester!


Sessions (RSVP Required)

Thursday November 19th 11:00am - 2:00pm

Zoom Link (Yes this is virtual too):

Dress Code: Business Casual at minimum

On Thursday November 19th, certain members of the panel (Along with Courtney Frost from the Olinde Career Center) will be available for 1 on 1 Mock Interviews and/or Resume Reviews. Just to clarify, this is for all grade levels!


If you do not have a resume, make one for Thursday and get some feedback because you will need a good resume some day. If you have never interviewed with a company before, it might be a good idea to see how you perform in a low pressure situation first. Even if you feel confident with your resume and interview skills, a 1 on 1 meeting with an accomplished IE could really help visualize your path after LSU. 


Below is a link to sign up for the event. 

Deadline to signup: Monday November 16th at 11:59pm

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