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Lean & Six Sigma Certification

Our usual program is Lean every Fall, Six Sigma every Spring, for each year. The certification is administered by IISE Nationals and is a Green Belt level. It is available to all students at LSU, not only Industrial Engineers. Alumni/Professionals are able to sign up as well with a separate registration process and pricing.  

Advantages of these certification courses:

  1. Industrial Engineering coursework at LSU includes a class for Lean ("Lean" IE 4530) and a class for Six Sigma ("QC" IE 4453). As seen in the flowcharts, Lean is typically taken in Fall of Senior year while QC is taken Spring of Junior year. If a student is pursuing an internship, and has not taken the respective IE class, the course gives the foundational knowledge needed for the job. 

  2. As compared to other universities, our IISE chapter provides certifications to a consistently large amount of students. The Lean and Six Sigma certifications are noticed by employers and are a big reason why employers look to LSU for process improvement specialists. 

  3. The course instructors are chosen by IISE Nationals for their experience and credibility in training people on Lean and Six Sigma. These instructors have a history of making an enjoyable learning environment for students and teaching in a way that makes concepts "stick" after the course is over. 

Fall 2022 Lean Certification

What is it?

  • Three-day course provides an in-depth understanding of lean methodology principles and how to apply them.

Why get certified?

  • Excellent for resume and LinkedIn! Especially helpful to those without much experience.

When: TBA: Friday October 22 - Sunday October 24


  • $550 – not IISE national members

  • $475 – IISE national members

  • $850 – professionals not enrolled at LSU

Contact Tim Firmin at with any questions about our Certification Courses.

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