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As a student organization, we would love if your company delivered a presentation during one of our chapter meetings. Presentations typically cover culture, history, and role of Industrial Engineers at the company and leave members with instructions to apply for open positions. These presentations increase the number of applicants companies receive from our program while also showing what life is like for tigers after graduation. 

Below are some other examples for networking and recruiting activities that are proven successful. 


Company Speaker Meeting​

  • Representatives of the company deliver a Power Point presentation to the members and answer questions students might have. Sometimes, it is also possible to hear about the experience a student member had during their internship with the company. 

  • Attractive to students active with our chapter's meetings. 



  • Showcase your company's forward thinking techniques for process improvement.

  • Attracts students passionate about practical solutions and hands on learning. 


Social Events 

  • Connect with students and recruiters in a casual setting

  • Break from professionalism and attract students who are a good fit for the culture of your organization.

Please contact our Programing Director to schedule.

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